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SAMARITAN Review: In a world filled with superheroes, Samaritan doesn't stand out

My anticipation for Samaritan was not very high but I had some hopes it could surprised me because of director Julius Avery at the helm. Julius Avery directed Overlord (2018), the pulpy zombie thriller that felt like playing a mission of Call Of Duty on Nazi Zombie mode. The premise of Samaritan is simple, Sylvester Stallone plays an old superhero that went into hiding after an epic battle that went down years ago. He is now forced to come back from hiding as the world needs Samaritan again. Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of this new film.

In a world filled with superheroes, Samaritan doesn't really stand out despite Sylvester Stallone carrying this movie on his back and giving it all he's got. It has its moments, but it's not particularly thrilling nor funny and it suffers from a lack of originality. I mean, here's a movie where the nemesis is literally called Nemesis.

I give some credit to the kid actor (Javon 'Wanna' Walton), he did a decent job acting side by side with Sly and holding his own. The film also starts with a pretty neat animated sequence that reveals the history between Nemesis and Samaritan. The animation felt straight out of a comic book and it started this flick on a good note.

In terms of story, this is nothing you haven't seen before. In fact, this feels like a film that would've done a lot better in the 1990's. The general audience today is getting picky with superhero material in such a saturated market, I don't think this will appeal to everyone.

At the end of the day, this was not quite for me despite the fact that I enjoy seeing Stallone kicking ass at 76 years old, I wish this movie had a little bit more to offer.

Initial Score: 5.5/10

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