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DAY SHIFT Review: Enough Vampire teeth on the West Coast.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

It's Friday night, you have pizza & beers and you're scrolling on Netflix, then you see a vampire movie called DAY SHIFT starring Snoop Dogg & Jamie Foxx as vampire hunters. You already know what you're getting yourself into, and the movie knows that. The plot is simple, Jamie Foxx needs some quick cash to provide for his daughter and he decides to use his best set of skills: killing vampires.

DAY SHIFT is a worthy addition to a long line of ridiculous & over-the-top vampire flicks, it's not as witty as it think it is but vampire hunter Jamie Foxx blasting & fighting ghouls with gunslinger Snoop Dogg on a high budget ends up being way better than I expected. The bonkers balls-to-the-walls opening scene sets the table with a lot of gore and some questionable CGI, from the first few minutes you will know if this movie is for you, or not.

The level of action here is quite impressive with a first-time director (J.J. Perry) coming from a stuntman background, there's a lot of punching, car chases, crashing into walls and hand-to-hand combat that's worth checking out. It doesn't take itself seriously and knows how to have fun.

The Dave Franco character highlights some of my issues with the humour and the numerous attempts at comedy that doesn't always land, but to compensate you have Scott Adkins kicking ass as one of the Nazarian Brothers. Some concepts are interesting but aren't fully explored, let's just say there's not enough flesh around the bones, if you catch my drift.

It almost feels like a video game adaptation of a game that doesn't exist, but I would play the hell out of it. The music selection is right up my alley, it truly is a Westcoast vampire adventure that I kid you not, could become a midnight cult classic for genre fans.

Initial Score: 7/10

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