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65 REVIEW: Prehistoric Disaster

The lack of science-fiction films featuring dinosaurs remains one of Hollywood's great mysteries, with the exception, of course, of Steven Spielberg's famous Jurassic Park series. Indeed, films in this category require a significant budget, which exposes them to a higher risk of failure. This is the case with the new science-fiction film titled "65," starring Adam Driver in the lead role, which cost more than $90 million to produce. The film immediately captured the curiosity of many fans thanks to its high concept and the presence of the talented Adam Driver. The screenwriters of "A Quiet Place," Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, had the difficult task of making this prehistoric-flavored film, and unfortunately, it is a total failure for the duo.

Synopsis: "An astronaut crash lands on a mysterious planet only to discover he's not alone."

My expectations were low, but holy crap. "65" is very disappointing on several levels: misguided direction, completely neglects any sense of building atmosphere and tension, bad dinosaur designs, a terrible first half and incredibly stupid writing. You look at this concept on paper and everything seems to be on place for a success. The only problem here is that "65" doesn't understand what its audience want and completely misfires.

Adam Driver does his best to save this disaster as he tries to create chemistry with a character who does not speak his language: a little girl who survived from the crash who accompanies him throughout this snooze-worthy adventure. This language barrier between them definitely does not help the film's cause.

Once things get moving in the second act, there are a few interesting but ultimately forgettable sequences. It's hard not to think about the wasted potential. We are also treated to an utterly stupid finale that borders on the ridiculous. The problem here is that 65 takes itself way too seriously to be laughed at. Great paleontologists may roll in their graves seeing the treatment given to the dinosaurs in the film. It's a movie to forget for Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

Initial Score: 3.5/10

65 was released in theaters on March 10th

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